HTML Geo-Tag Generator

Create HTML Geo-Tags for your own WEB-Site:

or first read a small manual ...

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Where to go from here?

  1. Copy the generated code into the HTML header of your web page, which is the area between <head> and </head>.
  2. Use the Validator at to verify the validity of your geo-tags.
  3. Label your site as "geocoded" by installing one of the icons below and the corresponding code on your web page. (Alternatively, the Geo-Tag-Validator offers more Icons.)

Have you had problems up to here, or do you need more detailed explanations? Then take a look at the Quick Guide to Geo-Tag Generator.

This page contains geo-tags  
This page is geo-coded  
This page is geo-coded  

Or better, copy the image file to your own server and adapt the HTML code (img src=...) to match.

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